Services that we provide.

 Real Estate Aerial Photography and Video.
 Roof Inspection Photos.
 Pre and Post storm photos and videos of your home or your entire property.
 Aerial photography for your own personal use.
 Orthomosaic Photographs of Property including golf courses, Gated Communities, building sites, anything that you want a large high-definition photo of.
 We can do thermal photography and video with our Zenmuse XT FLIR Camera and Drone set up.
 We can create video and photos for your social media of the car you just got or the boat you want to show off, or even just something simple like quality time with your grandchild or any other family member.
 We can help create a video for scholarship applications weather it be for science or sports or you name it.
 We have the equipment and expertise to create about anything you can think of.
 Call (772) 480-1291 or E-mail us to discuss your project and how we can help you.